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The union of video, voice and data onto IP networks is essentially altering the manner with which IT managers handle the transition to conjoined networks.

MSPT's Converged Technology Deployment Model streamlines the change with the blending of process control, procedure forms, staging and test assurance, implementation logistics, project management, site readiness assessment and deployment coordination and training services.

Procedures Development Methods

MSP Technologies manages its menu of detailed Voice over IP (VoIP) procedures and methods documentation, providing customers with full site assessment, including concept proof and pilot programs, test plans, staging and the recovery/return/disposal of de-commissioned assets.

Test Lab and Network Assurance

MSP Technologies new Network Assurance and Test facility in Los Angeles, California, enables us to perform detailed network tests to certify satisfy customer implementations. Specialized environments entail customer provided packet filters, bandwidth and utilization measurement, WLAN connectivity, custom telephony install kitting and much more.

Project Management

Our project management team is prepared to work with high-volume, complex VoIP deployments.  We provide a single-point-of-contact (SPOC) for all steps of warehousing, staging, project management, shipping, implementation and training. Online reporting and other managing tools allow customers to stay aware of project status with every development.

Logistics Support

MSPT has many logistics stations throughout North America.  We are capable of managing end-to-end sparing, returns and movement status reporting with our large selection of online tools. By pre-staging at our Network Assurance and Test lab, we can 'kit' to different stations by required geography for hold and retrieval by the local, on-site technician depending on scheduling needs.

On-site Converged Deployment Services

Many vastly seasoned technical resources from MSP Technologies (direct and contract partners) are accessible to see to significant, high-volume deployments.
  • Security Clearance, Bonded and Badged Technical Resources are available as needed.
  • When needed, MSPT utilizes a 'team' strategy regionally for reliability of on-site branch installations.


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