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In order to gain maximum benefits on your lease portfolio, your technology assets need to stay in circulation for as lengthy a duration as possible. MSPT's Technology Services is capable of increasing the life of your equipment with an all-encompassing portfolio of services created to support a variety of networking equipment - this includes hardware labeled "End of Life" and "End of Service" by its manufacturer.

Furthermore, with the goal to maintain your total cost of ownership at a minimum, your portfolio of leasing assets needs to continue producing reliable revenue for you throughout. MSPT's Re-marketing Services enable you to change your idle inventory into cash. Most importantly, MSPT will manage the complete re-marketing process for you from start to finish. We will happily perform the de-install and hardware removal process, warehouse the equipment, re-market it to our broker and distributor channels, and reconcile it for you.  This gives you the time to focus on what really matters---your business and it's daily needs.

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